Ana Marcela Florez-Rueda



email: florezrueda at

Ana is originally from Colombia and studied Biology at the Universidad Industrial de Santander and later did her MSc at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. After her studies, Ana moved to Switzerland to do her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Städler at the Institute of Integrative Biology of the ETH in Zurich. During her PhD Ana studied postzygotic isolation barriers in wild tomato species.

After graduating in 2014, Ana stayed in Zurich, but moved to the University of Zurich, to do a postdoc in the group of Prof. Ueli Grossniklaus. There, Ana worked in apomixis, using Boechera species as a model.

In late 2020, Ana joined our group to work on seed biology of basal angiosperm species. Shortly after that, Ana was awarded a prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship, which will support her stay at our institution.